Powerwhizz Printer Component

Powerwhizz Printer Component 1.0

Powerwhizz Printer Component is a stateless component that can...

Powerwhizz Printer Component is a stateless component that can be used to meet your client-server, distributed or n-tier application printing needs.

Written in PowerBuilder Version 7, it has methods that allow you to:1. Get a list of available printers and their properties 2. Get the name of the default printer and its properties 3.

Get the status of a printer 4. Get paper trays for a printer 5. Get page sizes for a printer 6. Sets the default printer. 7. Get the Printer current settings that includes current Orientation, Paper size, Paper tray etc.

8. Allows Printing to a specific printer without changing the default printer of other windows applications. 9. Allow for direct printing to a file in any of the following formats: TXT, DOC, CSV, DBF, DIF, XLS, HTM, PSR, SQL, WKS, WK1 10.

Save in Adobe PDF format without prompting the user for a filename. This requires that the PDF writer to be installed on your machine 11. Performs Error Logging to the log file used by the object`s container, such as the Jaguar server log for Jaguar CTS or the NT system application log for Microsoft Transaction Server.

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Powerwhizz Printer Component


Powerwhizz Printer Component 1.0

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